Saturday, June 15, 2013

Paranormal Blog Hop

Happy Saturday everyone!

It's blog hop time! All of the paranormal authors here at Secret Cravings Publishing invite you to figuratively leave our world and experience a new, exciting story from the wonderful collection that SCP has to offer.

I am very blessed to be a part of such a wonderful group of authors, and I'm proud to share my passion for otherworldly creatures in this year's Paranormal Blog Hop.

To celebrate, I will be giving away an eBook copy of Believe to a random commenter down below. :)

Be sure to click the image to check out all of the Secret Cravings authors who write paranormal books.

Believe Blurb:
Seventeen-year-old Addisyn Parker is used to being different. From an early age, she’s had the ability to see otherworldly creatures with shimmering skin and glowing irises that are completely imaginary to everyone else. Her sporadic hallucinations continually haunt her to no end.
Addisyn’s life takes an unexpected turn when an absurdly handsome stranger, Drake Carpathia, reveals a sudden interest in her. Despite her best efforts in evading him, Drake’s unwavering advances are not something that can be ignored. There’s something different about him—an entrancing secret that Addisyn finds hard to resist. Unexplainable events start to unfold as Drake submerges her into a world full of possibilities that Addisyn thought only existed in myths and legends. Strange, paranormal events start happening around her, including frequent visits from one of the ethereal beings who seems hell-bent on stalking her. With all of the supernatural chaos, Addisyn literally has no option but to believe the impossible or risk living a life shrouded by insanity.


  1. This book sounds interesting. I'll need to look into it. Being caught in reality contrary to the norm is the greatest pull to the paranormal genre. Congratulations on Believe!

    Tamara Monteau

  2. The book sounds exciting! Lovely cover. Congratulations!

  3. Love the description of your book. The cover is wonderful to.

  4. Hi! Your book sounds so good! Thank you for sharing and for being apart of such a great hop!