Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hump Day Hook!

Happy Hump day!! :D
In celebration of my book cover release, I've decided to give you guys a small excerpt from Believe. Hope you guys like it! :)

I glanced over to my left toward the single window pane not covered from the blinds. It was a cloudy day, shrouding the usual vibrant colors of summer with murky gray. Everything outside looked bland and dull. Rain would probably fall today from the way the clouds appeared dark and dense.

Several oak trees were clustered together with the wind swirling their branches in an angry dance. Leaves were carried off into the breeze.

A dark shape stood by the base of one of the trees near our window. I almost didn’t see him at first. He was far too still and blended in with the trunks. He wore a dark brown tunic with a matching hood that covered his face. I narrowed my eyes toward the figure, trying to get a better view of him. What an odd thing to do—standing outside a school window like that.

The man lifted his arm to remove the hood. Wide turquoise eyes illuminated against the shadows as his hood fell to his shoulders, revealing dark blue skin and pointed ears. Can I not take a simple exam in peace without having visions about the stalking blue man?

Annoyed, I met his gaze head on. The blue man tilted his head to the side, watching me carefully. His face was perfectly composed and emotionless, and his long dark blue hair billowed in the wind around him. Over his medieval tunic, he wore his familiar silver necklace with a stone that looked like a milky quartz. His outfits usually varied in my hallucinations of him, but that crystal pendant did not.

My desk suddenly lunged forward, and I took a startled breath. I turned around to meet Mark Peters’ curious stare. “You okay?” he mouthed to me. He was the one who kicked my chair.

“Yeah,” I mouthed back, smiling like nothing was out of the ordinary.

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